About Wilfred Lach | FOTOGRAFIE

Wilfred Lach is an Architect and Photographer based in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.

He developed an interest in photography in his father’s B&W darkroom where chemicals were mixed and technical mastery was pursued. Armed with a used DeJur D1 he engaged in candid photography throughout Jr. High School populating the school annuals with content. After enrolling in Architecture at the University of Manitoba, an investment in an Olympus OM1 held fast until a switch to digital in 2007. Images of scale models and drawings were the key subjects during those years.

Digital photography opened new avenues seen in the
current work. Capturing the intensity and passion of athletes in competition is
a major area of focus. Exploring the world for random subjects is another key

Volunteer clients include Field Hockey Canada
(Women’s and Men’s National Teams) and Ovarian Cancer Canada (Annual Walk of